How to Avoid Bacteria When Flying 

Flying is considered as the best transportation for most travelers and even though it is a safe as well as faster way to get to your destination, it means being exposed to countless bacteria as well. The following are some of the tips on how to avoid bacteria and keep you clean and safe when flying: 

Avoid Bacteria

  • Wear Socks

Wearing socks may be one of the easiest ways to avoid exposing yourself to bacteria at the airport. After that shocking terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, all airplane passengers are already required to take the shoes off when going through the security. As a matter of fact, wearing socks is actually a good way in order to avoid picking up bacteria and carrying them to a vehicle service, hotel, limousine or whatever you will be in next. 

  • Start the Night Before

Travelers can start defending themselves against bacteria even before the car service picks up passengers for the flight. The greatest way in order to protect yourself is to be healthy at all times and have plenty or enough sleep the night prior to your flight. In addition to that, you should also stay hydrated to boost your immune system and prevent skin from growing cracked, dry and susceptible to infections while flying. 

  • Wipe Down Eating Areas

The quickest way for bacteria to penetrate our body is by mouth. This is the reason why it is very vital to clean up your mess and the area right after you finished eating when traveling. On top of that, you should also make sure to wipe down trays using alcohol-based wipes to eradicate any bacteria, as the flight crew oftentimes doesn’t sanitize the tray tables in between travels. This applies to all meals eaten in the airport. Have time to have a quick wipe down on those surfaces before digging in. 

  • Dodge the Bathroom

As much as possible, make sure to use your bathroom at home prior to going to the airport vehicle service on short flights to avoid using the public restroom. Because of the frequent use and size, airport restroom is a place to expose yourself to certain bacteria. Nonetheless, for longer travels, using the restroom is basically unavoidable. If the use of an airport bathroom is a must, you treat it as any public bathroom. This means that you try to limit your physical contact with any of the surfaces and wash your hands carefully after every use.  

  • Wash Hands Thoroughly Every After Contact to Shared Items

Bacteria can thrive on any surfaces in the airplane. Most of the areas are not sanitized between travels. In order to protect yourself and be safe at all times, it is a very good idea to use a hand sanitizer every after use of any shared spaces or items such as seatback magazines, surfaces of touch screens as well as entertainment remotes. Fortunately, the same do not apply to the armrests, which surfaces do not promote bacterial growth. 

Lastly, to make sure that you are safe during your travel and to ensure that you’ll have clean surroundings at all times, you’ll need a limo company service during your travel.